Best of Starshield Awards

This is a group of awards that are given to different participatingmembers of the list in order to recognize their contributions to Starshield. These awards are for the 2001 year:

Best Empire:

August Empire of Archaen - Created by Lowell Boston


Best New Empire:

Listhani Consortium - created by Jeff Blagg


Best NPC Empire or group:

The Razgat - created by Esteban Jauregui Lorda


Best Rogue Empire:

The Spider Queen Theocracy(SQT)- created by Frank Vittoe


Best SS Male Character:

Crown Prince Mathis Kubinyetz - created by Matt Kubinec


Best SS Female Character:

Erin Webstrider - created by Franklin Vittoe
Angharad - created by Richard Mckinley


Best SS Life form Character:

Commodore Z'ran - created by Jeff Blagg


Best SS Male Villain:

Malcom Shaw - created by Lowell Boston


Best SS Female Villain:

First Matron Rowen Arachnia - created by Franklin Vittoe


Best SS Place to visit:

Station Prime - created by Jeff Blagg

Codjo Ship-state Segne - created by Jeremy Hussell


Worst SS place to visit:

SQT Torture Chamber - created  by Frank Vittoe


Best SS Story Drama:

Avalon: Dark Wind Rising - written by Richard McKinley, Frank Vittoe,and Andoria Sunok


Best SS Comedy Story:

Heartburn and Singularities - written by Matthew Kubinec


Best SS Horror Story:

Rebirth - written by Lowell Boston


Best SS Mystery Story:

The Road to Home - written by Lowell Boston, Esteban Jaurgui Lorda,and Franklin Vittoe


Best SS Romance Story:

Behind the Waterfall - written by Stellar StarElven and Andoria Sunok


Best SS Short Story:

Flowings - written by Anatol Rathbauer


Best SS Collaboration:

The SQT/Dra'Keshi War - Frank Vittoe and Stellar StarElven


Best SS Website:

Starshield: Omnet Online - creator/maintainer Magus